Privacy Policy

This site not owning any kind of record, does not use any facility for storing data or information about their visitors. But to have a good understanding of the target audience, the use of some technological features of Google, which uses data and publicly authorized information is required for statistical purposes.

By accessing and staying in this domain, the visitor will be automatically according to the following rules:

- allow access to the data through 'Google Analytics features implemented based on display advertising (eg, Remarketing, the reports prints on the Google Display Network, integration Manager DoubleClick campaigns or reports of interest and demographic data from Google Analytics) '.

- allow the use of mode 'data of interest-based advertising from Google or audience data from third parties (such as age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics'.

Note: By using the 'Settings ads, visitors can exclude advertising display Google Analytics and customize ads on the Google Display Network. To restrict the use of such data, the options for Google Analytics Opt currently available for Web 'can also be used.